To unlock the full potential of the Organization and its People
Making the world a more fascinating place

Inspire each and every employee
Boost cooperation within organizations
Create an organization that maximizes the value it provides to the world

Message from beyond representative

We believe that people hold great potential.
We also believe that organizations have great potential.

People can change, and so can organizations.

However, timing and a trigger for action is needed.

The right timing in questioning common sense is a great trigger.
This happens often in the global environment and within the shift towards a digital era.

Giving up and merely venting one’s frustrations will not change anything. Doing nothing in the face of hardship, no matter how overwhelming it may be, would only serve to waste precious time.

We have seen people and organizations change dramatically when each of us begins to speak our minds and listen to the voices of others.

We are opening up possibilities for people and organizations through the process of globalizing organizations, shifting into the digital era, and maximizing societal values.
We hope that each person expresses their thoughts, co-creates their vision with coworkers, and takes on challenges with respect for others.
We hope to see more organizations like these.

The color orange, the color of beyond global, is the mixture of red, which represents the burning passion of each individual, and yellow, which represents the challenge to go beyond one’s limits with a brightness and openness.

The orange color expresses our desire to see more people go beyond their limits with their passions.

We are committed to supporting people and organizations that create a brighter future and a better world, by thinking outside the box.

Go beyond.
beyond our comfort zone
beyond ourselves

Company Information

Company Name beyond global Japan, Inc.
Address  9-3 Nibancho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo THE BASE Kojimachi, 〒102-0084
Establishment Date September 2012
Tel 03-6403-3591

Global Network

From our headquarters in Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, we provide various services to countries throughout Asia.
Our local and Japanese offices work collaboratively to support the globalization and localization of organizations as well as the development of global human resources.


Company Name beyond global Pte. Ltd.
Address 1 North Bridge Rd, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Tel +65-3159-4055


Company Name beyond global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address 2 Jasmine Building, 22nd Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Prasarnmitr) Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel +66-2612-7353

Awards and Certifications

HR Award Grand Prize Winner

Received the top award in the education and training category of the HR Awards 2013 (sponsored by Japan’s HR Department and supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), selected by 60,000 key HR personnel in Japan.

  • Tripartite Standards

  • Tripartite Standards


To create a truly global team

Winning Together at Japanese Companies

A business book written in Japanese-English for local staff working for Japanese companies. Explains Japanese business culture and background in an easy-to-understand manner for local staff * E-learning and training are also available.