Recruitment InformationCreate an organization that achieves essential organizational transformation and maximizes the value that it brings to the world

About usAbout beyond global

We pursue next-generation organizational development and formation that maximize the capability of human and organization

beyond global is a consulting firm that has offices in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. We provide consultation and training on human development, organizational development as well as HR tech to accomplish our mission: “Inspire each and every employee, boost cooperation within organizations, create organizations that maximize the value they provide to the world.”

The time has come for people around the world to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and collaborate.
Globalization of people and organizations is happening in earnest.

However, it is not an easy feat.

This is because globalization of people and organizations is not possible without the experience of questioning conventional knowledge and going beyond what one has ever achieved.

We believe that providing this experience will change people, change organizations, and transform the world.

That is why, with the purpose of “making the world a more fascinating place by unlocking the full potential of the organization and its people,” we emphasize the importance of each and every one of our members going beyond what they have done up until now, or in other words, continuing to Go Beyond.

beyond global is looking for members who share these aspirations.
If you are willing to take on the challenges, this is a workplace where possibilities will continue to expand.
At the same time, if you have a professional mindset, it is a rare workplace where you can learn about the world and challenge yourself while in your respective countries.

As an organizational HR consultant, you will work closely with our clients as a “partner in transforming corporate culture and structure” by focusing on both HR systems and development.

As an organizational HR consultant, you will work closely with our clients as a “partner in transforming corporate culture and structure” by focusing on both HR systems and development.

“I want to use my language skills to work on a global scale”
“I want to test my abilities with global perspectives”
“I want to use my language skills to work in other countries”
“I want to be deeply involved with clients and contribute to corporate transformation”
“I want the discretion to be able to commit to customer success”

For those of you who have similar passions with the ones above, I hope you will contact us.

beyond global way

Work professionally,
enjoy life and make history.

Our core values

Way 1

Provide “WOW!” experience,
BEST PARTER for clients’ long term success

We consider the client’s long-term perspective even more than they do and provide an impressive experience beyond their expectations.
“Transformation of corporate structure” and “globalization of organizations” will not successfully happen only with a short-term perspective.
Let us be your best partner for transformation in the areas of people and organization, by taking a close look at your transformation and pursuing your long-term success.

Way 2

Find an INNOVATIVE way
to maximize our value for the world in a long run

Let’s look for innovative methods without being bound by common sense.
Let’s think of methods that can have the most positive impact on society.

Way 3

Be REFLECTIVE, Keep growing to go beyond

No one is perfect. We can only advance further by continuing to grow.
We must look at ourselves today, polish ourselves up, and use this as food for growth for tomorrow. Let’s go beyond our current selves and our limits.

Way 4

Empower and Inspire each other.

Positive open communication without psychological barriers makes the team stronger and opens up new possibilities.
Grow together through dialogue, and not through criticism. Support each other’s weaknesses and leverage each other’s strengths.

Way 5

Global One Company.
Professional SYNERGY beyond our border

Let’s become a global and professional group that transcends national borders.
Let’s create new synergies across locations, rather than staying at each location.

Way 6

Be a ROLE MODEL for our clients and world

Let us be the role model.
We will never provide anything that we do not believe in.
Let us be the first one to embody the value that we can provide to the world and our clients.

Job introduction

Corporate Transformation Consultant

Thoroughly confront customer issues to achieve essential organizational transformation.

Our corporate transformation consultants provide consulting services from a wide range of perspectives, from HR systems to human resource development, organizational development, and the use of HR tech, in order to foster psychological safety and improve engagement while leveraging the strengths of the existing organization. We aim to realize the essential transformation of organizations by utilizing our broad knowledge and expertise in organization and human resources and our consulting capabilities.

Global Human Resource Development Consultant

Accelerate the globalization of Japanese companies and create global leaders who are active in Japan and abroad

In order to develop global leaders who can work not only in Japan but also overseas, we support the globalization of organizations, the establishment of training systems, and the development of human resources through training and coaching. We aim to promote the globalization of Japanese companies in order to develop truly global human resources who can create new businesses overseas.

Organizational and Human Resources Systems Consultant

Aiming to be Asia’s leading consulting partner on human resources and not only for Japanese companies, but also for Asia’s leading organizations.

Using our knowledge and expertise in global organization and HR systems, we provide support for organizational diagnosis, HR system development and operation, and HR tech implementation for Japanese and overseas subsidiaries. We aim to be a consulting partner for the realization of next-generation Asian organizations, not only for Japanese companies, but also for global and local companies in Asia.


We are looking forward to working with people who are not bound by conventional frameworks and methods, but who continue to go beyond them.