What is beyond global?


To unlock the full potential of the Organization and its People, making the world a more fascinating place

Inspire each and every employee
Boost cooperation within organizations
Create organizations that maximizes the value they provide to the world

Humans are evolving day by day.
Do the employees in your company feel inspired?
Within your organization, how well do your employees synergize?

The world today is full of change. Even in the field of Human Resources,
many innovations are taking place using approaches that have never existed before.
“Therefore, now is the time to make human resources management even better than it ever was.”

At the same time, there are still many issues in our society.
Social issues that transcend national borders such as SDGs that remain a problem.

In this generation, society is transforming people, allowing us to transcend their own birth, nationality, race, religion, and language
to collaborate with each other and leverage their strengths to solve complicated problems.

We want more people from all over the world to go beyond their limits, question common sense, learn from and inspire others.
We hope to inspire each and every employee, allowing them to live life to the fullest
We would like to see a world that produces more next-generation global leaders who demonstrate quality leadership and make social changes that make our world a better place.
We want to see more companies making contributions to building a better society,

and with those ideals, beyond global is a “partner in transforming organizations,” to open up the possibilities of people and organizations, to make the world a more fascinating place to live in.

Go beyond.
beyond our comfort zone
beyond ourselves