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Sales Marketing / HR Consulting Manager


After graduating from Ritsumeikan University's College of Policy Science, he worked as a freelance web developer and then at a B2B SaaS business start-up company.  When he has been working at a B2B SaaS business start-up company, he was involved in internal marketing and service development, as well as the development of training and HR systems for Japanese companies in Southeast Asia. Responsible for one year. Within two months of releasing a technology-based sales and marketing structure building service, he was in charge of a total of seven companies. As an organization and HR consultant beyond global, he is in charge of many organizational transformation projects for Japanese companies in Southeast Asia, including HR system development/operation support, human resource development system development, and training development. In addition, as the head of ASEAN marketing, he is responsible for disseminating the latest information to Japanese companies in Southeast Asia and planning and implementing seminars.