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Senior Manager

Wanchalee Kiatiniyomsak

Wanchalee graduated with a Master's Degree in Internation Communication from the Graduate School of International Development in Nagoya University, Japan. She started her career as a Japanese interpreter at various Japanese companies in Thailand, focusing on companies manufacturing automotive parts. She then decided to challenge herself and moved into Management fields in the Manufacturing and Corporate sectors to develop her management skills. Over these 7 years as a Manager, Wanchalee achieved excellent results, having spearheaded initiatives such as shopfloor management and development, implementation of production systems, cost visualization, and cost control systems. She always focuses on the local staff's self-reliance (jiritsuka) and implements process improvements when put in charge of projects. Throughout her career, she noticed various issues in the HR systems and came to believe that a robust HR system can greatly improve the workplace environment and better relationships between the managers and their team members. At beyond global, Wanchalee aims to promote good HR practices and provide Japanese and local companies alike with HR solutions catered to their companies and needs.