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Keitaro Wakuda is a Chief Operating Officer of beyond global Japan. After graduating from university, he worked for a major foreign manufacturing company. He developed new customers and learned the marketing strategies there. He also established its brand through the creation of a new sales model. Five years later, he joined the training company, shake Inc. He discovered his own mission, and he had been doing self-coaching then he established a business management style which is best suited to customer’s needs and feelings over five years. As the head of the consulting department, he assisted in managing problems confronted by many managers and Human Resource Managers. He also worked on the design of Human Resource Development Policies impact on individuals to organizations. He worked with over 100 companies, ranging from major trading firms, long-established store manufacturers and companies in the finance sector. At the same time, he provided training as a facilitator for from junior employees to management levels.In 2016, he joined beyond global group to contribute to the customers more and share the strengths of Japan with the rest of the world. He is working on organizational development, preparation training for newly appointed oversea expatriates, development of global mind-set and more.