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General Manager


Graduated from Keio University and Kyoto University of Graduate School(Management). 2 years experienced as a sales in trading company. Achieved over 100% sales goal. 2 years working at Sales consulting company, responsible for builing sales teams of custmors. In 2002, established his consulting company, provide new way of sales and marketing. Produced several company which earned No1. in famous customer satisfaction ranking, or had No.1 market share. Some clients got listing as a public company(IPO). Author of 22 business books which content sales and organization strategy. Some books are published also in China, Korea, Hongkong、Taiwan, Vietnam. Title『entry version-The essence of failure』sold 150,000 more copies. Joined beyond global group in 2019, set goals to support clients to expand market in Asia. Responsible for HR consulting and build/improve sales team for clients.