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Masatoshi graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with a major in Psychology. He worked as a sales representative for a foreign medical equipment manufacturer and as an engineer at a structural analysis consulting firm, where he was responsible for the dynamic and static analysis of special structures. He was also involved in the development of robots for structural maintenance and management. In addition, as a human resources manager, he was in charge of hiring and rebuilding the evaluation system, rejuvenating the organization, and establishing a proactive skill development system. He later joined a major human resources consulting firm, where he was engaged in human resources and organizational development. He was in charge of the planning, design, development, and overall operation of solutions to visualize and resolve human resource development issues, mainly for major companies (pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automobiles, IT, general electronics, etc.) where he led project teams depending on the client company size and project scale. Masatoshi joined beyond global to support global leadership development and also provides counseling and coaching services based on personality assessment (Hogan Assessments, etc.) as a career consultant and industrial counselor.