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HR Development Div. Team Manager/ Lead Consultant


Yuria graduated from Kanazawa University with a Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Media Literacy and International Communication studies. She joined an educational business company in Tokyo as a training event organizer. During her three and a half years of marketing and sales promotion work, she organized and developed brand strategies for training workshop products, such as business psychology training, mental coaching, holistic psychotherapy, kinesiology, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), etc. After immigrating to Singapore in 2009, she worked for a Japanese multimedia company as an advertising production coordinator and also a Coordination dept. Manager. Experienced in corporate event management, Human Resources & management support for seven years, she realized the joy of contributing to the dynamic growth of the organization and its people. In particular, through her most challenging experience as a media project coordinator across six overseas branches in Southeast Asia, she became more interested in global HR & organizational development. Since she genuinely sympathized with the company’s vision of beyond global, “To unlock the full potential of the Organization and its People,” she has joined the beyond global team as a marketing executive in 2019. Currently, as HR Development Div. Manager, she leads several corporate training projects, mainly for Japanese companies in Southeast Asia, and also teaches cross-cultural communication training for expatriates. Her vision is to create a society where people can safely express their unique humanity to each other through dialogue with themselves and others, and sustainably pursue mutual enrichment. To realize this, she specializes in fostering a culture of dialogue and psychological safety within organizations, based on sustainable growth as an individual.