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Director / Corporate Catalyst

サンディ 齊藤  SANDY SAITO

Master in Business Administration (MBA, Distinction grade on graduation theses) Master in Eastern Philosophy (Currently Ph.D candidate) Including oversea studies both in Shanghai International Studies University and Beijing (Peking) University, Sandy graduated from Kansai University. After graduation, she joined the most prestige University Preparation Institute in Japan as a consultant. She was appointed to be the very first lady lecturer in 1994 to be assigned in Singapore office. Since then, her home has been in Asia.With the completion of this mission, she was invited to join Fujitsu Asia to take care of all Japanese Expatriates’ HR & Admin matters, then called upon Silicon Valley born IT venture company later. She was serving for three group companies as General Manager simultaneously then. Currently, Sandy upholds the mission of assisting Japanese companies in South East Asia to expertise their Localization as well as Globalization through Management and Leadership related trainings. Also, she has been involving several Japanese companies’ long transformational projects.