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日時:09/20  会場:Japanese Association Ballroom 1 (120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899)

講師:Ms. Sandy Saito

Leadership Training for Managers will be held on

20th September 2019 in Singapore. 

Please join us!

This training is recommended for managers who want to learn…

◆ Leader’s fundamental mindset and necessary skillset
◆ Where is your subordinates’ motivation switch
◆ Your feasible Action Plan from now on! 

Shall we begin ourselves to reflect together:
– How we lead people? / Do we use “Fear” to lead or “Building TRUST” to lead people?
– Are we aware of ourselves before judging others?
– How to be more mindful when we lead people?
– How can we apply Positive Thinking into our business world? etc…


  1. Manager vs Leader (What is each role and expectation?)
  2. Leader’s job (motivation theory and Trust relationship)
  3. Leader’s “Awareness” and “Mindfulness
  4. Why is Positive Thinking important for a leader?
  5. Action Plan to be a Real Leader


◆ Target: Managers and those who want to learn the most important skill of Leadership
◆ Date and time: Fri, 20 September 2019  / 9:30~17:30(Reception opening 9:15~)
◆ Venue: The Japanese Association, 120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
◆ Language: English
◆ Investment: SGD 450/person
Discount for 3 or more participants: please contact us about details when you register.

◆ Trainer: Ms. Sandy Saito

Master in Business Administration (MBA, Distinction grade on graduation theses)
Master in Eastern Philosophy (Currently Ph.D candidate)

Sandy Saito has been in Asia more than 20 years.  She has worked for Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd and took care of HR and Administrative issues. She subsequently joined USA Silicon Valley based IT companies as a General Manager to oversee three group organizations simultaneously. Currently, Sandy upholds the mission of assisting Japanese companies in South East Asia to expertise their Localization as well as Globalization through Management and Leadership related training. Also, she has been involving several Japanese companies’ long transformational projects.

◆ Registration: Please click 「お申込み」at the bottom of this page and fill up the registration form.  








◆ リーダーに必要なスキル -シチュエーショナルリーダーシップ論
◆ 部下のモチベーションスイッチの入れ方
◆ リーダーとして組織のためにできること -実現可能なアクションプラン



4.リーダーとしてのPositive Thinking の重要性



日   時:  2019年9月20日(金) 9:30 – 17:30(開場 9:15)
◆対   象:  リーダーに必要なスキルを身に着けたい方、リーダーとしてさらなる活躍を目指す方
◆会   場: シンガポール日本人会ボールルーム(120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899
◆参加費: SGD450(3名以上のお申込みで割引実施中!お申込み時にお知らせください)
◆言   語: 英語(英語スピーキングでの開催ですが、日本人の方も参加大歓迎です!)

◆講 師 :サンディ齊藤(Ms. Sandy Saito)