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Foundational 1-on-1 Communications Training- A new way of manager-subordinate online communication to promote your subordinate’s growth and team unity through experience-based training –

Date:12/16  Location:Online training using Zoom web conference system

Speaker:Dr. Shoko Dauwels



How do your subordinates really feel about your communications with them? A learning experience to update your skills for effective communication with your staff】


This training covers an essential foundation for communicating more effectively with your subordinates through 1-on-1s. Tailored for managers working in Japanese companies in Singapore, learn the effective ways of communicating off- and online better with your team members.


With remote work becoming the business norm nowadays, managers have been struggling to engage with subordinates and teams via the increasing volume of virtual communication. Managers especially are facing the challenges of promoting the growth of their employees and nurturing their sense of belonging in teams and organizations. These have become exceptionally difficult for managers with the limited number of face-to-face, in-person, and onsite meetings and interactions to communicate as effectively as before. In short, the current situation urges managers to update their communication skills with subordinates under remote and hybrid work conditions.


In addition, Japanese companies outside of Japan often have plans to delegate more leadership roles to local staff. This delegation requires a local managers’ mindset change from a player to a manager, requiring an even greater awareness of their crucial roles in developing others. 


Mindset change happens when a person deeply feels its necessity, and only a palm-sweating experience can trigger it. In this course, participants will undergo a Simulation-based Training (SBT) that offers a direct- and quasi-real experience of a 1-on-1 meeting with a mock subordinate. Participants will receive a realistic reaction from the mock subordinate, which stimulates a deeper reflection on their current communication habits and encourage them to polish their communication skills.  


This program is a first step for developing managers and leaders, and it is a customized design for the latest hybrid work conditions in order to ride the wave of the new normal.



Training Goal

To experience and understand the basis of people management – effective communication between subordinates and superiors – from both perspectives.
To learn how to clarify and rectify current issues in your own communication methods.


Contents Overview

1)Communication Essentials
– Understanding yourself and others through social style analysis
– Strategies for better communication

2)Foundations of Conducting 1-on-1s
– A manager’s role: Your responsibilities and necessary skillsets
– Learning key coaching skills (e.g., listening, speaking, non-verbal communication)

3)Simulation-based Training (SBT): 1-on-1 Exercise
– Simulation activities based on actual cases (including near misses of what could have happened)
– Role-play in challenging emotional situations (e.g., joy, fear, anger, sorrow) – how negative emotions, in particular, bring awareness to the urgency of change needed in an individual

4)Online communication techniques for the development of subordinates and promotion of team unity
– Build a deep, trusting relationship with your team through appropriate approvals and listening skills
– Strengthen questioning skills to get the most out of engagement with your subordinates


<Key Details>

Recommended Participants: Local staff and expatriate management working in Japanese companies in Southeast Asia
Date: 16th December 2021 Thursday, SGT 14:00 – 17:30

*The date has been changed from Tuesday 23 November to Thursday 16 December.
Trainer: Dr. Shoko Dauwels
Language: English
Mode: Online training using Zoom web conference system
(*We will send the training URL to only those who have registered)

Cost: SGD 200/participant. For more than one person applying from the same company, it will be SGD 150 for the second and subsequent participants.
* These costs are stated at prices exclusive of GST.

Payment method: Payment in advance (We accept credit cards, bank transfers, or a check)

How to apply: Please apply at the below link

※ We regret that we are unable to accept your application if you are in the same industry as the business of beyond global.


<Lecturer Introduction>

Shoko Dauwels

beyond global Pte. Ltd.

HR Development expert / Facilitator / Trainer

MS (Decision Systems Science), Ph.D. (Knowledge Science)

Passionate about bridging management training and practice at work as her lifework, she worked on research, education, and consultation at academic institutions in Japan, Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore last 20 plus years before joining the full-time corporate training world. She currently engages with HR development and Organization Development programs for Japanese companies in the SEA region to help their globalization and localization as a program developer, facilitator, and trainer.

Her journey started from Material Engineering research during her BA, which triggered her interest in decision-making with various stakeholders, organizations, and the environment as a complex system. She obtained MA and Ph.D. through the exploration of decision making and knowledge management, especially for technology-intensive companies, i.e., Technology Management. She polished her specialty through the industry-academia collaboration and interdisciplinary projects with JETRO Zurich, Mitsubishi Research Institute, and local companies in Europe that further expanded her specialization to Knowledge management, HR development, and organizational development. She has lived in the Netherland since the end of 2020, after living and working in Singapore for ten beautiful years.