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Our Mission

Let’s create the next generation of organization for tomorrow.

I like the moment when people are truly encouraged and start to show their full possibilities.
Through many years I devoted to providing leadership trainings and developing organization consulting, and there I met many people who became much more powerful by changing themselves and by changing organizations. As a result, they made an amazing achievement no one could ever expect.
They opened their new doors to create their bright futures by themselves.

Unfortunately, some organizations can’t make well cultivated social field for people to work, can’t provide satisfaction to employees. Many organizations keep trying to fit their management style to the current trend, but the change around the world is too fast to catch up; economic environment changed so rapidly that we can’t even predict where technologies will go tomorrow. It’s very challenging for organizations today.

But I can say that every organization can make the innovation. Once they get the key of changing, they’ll be reborn. It’s quite tough, but also very critical challenge. One of the factors to make project successful is how to make more stakeholders involved. Project team should consist of not only you and your division, but also other divisions. In other words, we need to make the project team beyond the borders between each division.

I believe that we need to create the next generation of organizations today. There are much more complicated problems than we’ve ever seen, and we as individual global citizens need to show our full possibilities to work on problems.
As Organizations let us fly, we’ll go beyond.

With the latest research of human resource development and organization development, beyond global Pte. Ltd. supports you to make your next generation of organization where all people exert their full potential.

beyond our comfort zone
beyond our limit
beyond yourself

Let’s create the next generation of organization for tomorrow.

beyond global Pte. Ltd.
Eiichi Morita