beyond global supports clients who wish to achieve high engagement with their employees and create synergy among the employees to maximize their business opportunities as well as value to the world.

we specialize in providing consulting services in the fields of training, talent development, organizational development and HR technology to help companies reach their goal.

With offices based in Singapore, Japan and Thailand,
beyond is poised as one of the leading HR consultancy firms in Asia.

Modern day individuals share their wisdom with others.
Learn from one another.
And works in a cooperative and cohesive manner.

The time where the Organization and its People must raise to the challenge of the global world of today has finally arrived.

However, this is easier said than done.

To truly reach the heights of the global world, an organization must ensure that the right vision is instilled in every single employee.

Viewpoints that were previously overlooked must now be considered.
New experiences are needed for one to exceed their existing self.

We believe that the experiences we provide at beyond will change the Organization,
its People and the World.

「To unlock the full potential of the Organization and its People」.

Our mission reflects this belief.
That is the reason why the members at beyond constantly seeking new challenges and seek to go beyond their current self.

beyond global is seeking new members who share this mission and passion.

If you desire the challenge and want to expand the possibilities available to yourself.
If you have a professional mindset that is willing to learn more about the world through the lens of various countries.
If you desire a challenging yet satisfying environment.
beyond global is the company for you.

We look forward to welcome the brilliant and motivated individual that is you.