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After graduating from the university, he began working for “Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.” He received MVP in his first year. In the third year, he was promoted to a team leader and he created a new business promoting IT sales promotion. After that, he took part in a start-up business based in Shanghai. While he was working in “Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.” he received MVP 4 times, President's Award 5 times, Team Award 4 times. He started working for “shake, Inc” from 2008. He have worked at over 300 companies in fields of organization transformation and personnel development, ranging from large corporation with more than 50,000 employees to startup companies on the scale of 50 people. Aside from working as a personnel development partner, he also challenged as a facilitator and assessor of participants' behavioural characteristics. After that, he participated in “beyond global group”. He established a branch “beyond global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, with Singapore, Tokyo and Thailand as his foundation, he'd like to create the next generation of organization. What he's pursuing is a new kind of organizational transformation and personnel development, not simply Japanese or Western in style, that can make use of next-generation Asia's strengths.