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ジャニス ロー  JANICE LOH

Janice graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) with honours and joined beyond global singapore in 2017. During her 4 year undergraduate studies, she picked up Japanese language (JLPT N2) and completed her exchange at Waseda University Tokyo. The field of Human Resource has always been an interest to her, and she pursued a 1 year internship at beyond global Singapore prior to graduation. In particular, her interest lies in organizational psychology, employee retention and motivation, cross cultural communication and diversity. Currently, she supports Japanese companies in Singapore through HR system redesign and implementation, employee engagement surveys and interviews. Janice hopes to change the perception of Japanese companies in the eyes of locals and improve employee satisfaction as a whole.


You might have heard stories of how interns are often used as cheap labour, to do "saikang" and mundane work. However, at beyond global, I gained an experience which was much more than that, and was involved in actual consulting projects, even being able to tag along for business meetings, giving me a glimpse into the real business world. My rewarding experience as an intern cemented my decision to join beyond global full time after graduation. The work as a consultant is very dynamic, and you really have to be on the ball most of the time. It does get challenging, especially when handling clients of vastly different backgrounds and industries. That is what makes the job enjoyable and fulfilling as well. The HR industry is changing rapidly, and many companies are not equipped with the knowledge or tools to adapt to it. Our role is to work together with these companies to transform their HR. Having said that, we as consultants have to be constantly learning and upgrading ourselves too in order to provide better services for our clients. I would like to gain more knowledge in the field of HR and organizational psychology. In addition, to develop a greater cross-cultural understanding of different cultures, and how businesses can harness the diversity to improve their organization.