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Graduated from Japanese major, Faculty of Arts(1st Class Honors),Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand). Completed ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching Certified Practitioner of NLP. Got Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1. While working at an accounting firm for Japanese companies, she was a Japanese coordinator, and managed 5 Thai subordinates as General Affairs Manager. In addition, she was in charge of Human Resource Management, creating working rules and regulations, leadership training, and Japanese communication style “HORENSO” training for internal staff. At beyond global, she conducts interview and coaching to hear real voices of Thai employees working in Japanese companies, training program development, and Human Resource system consulting.


At beyond, I can utilize my knowledge and experiences working with Japanese companies for over 10 years. I can challenge myself every day. Moreover, I can overcome various obstacles, especially self-conquest. The charm of this job here is to help Thai people working in Japanese organizations to work happier. It is same as my mission that, to be a bridge between Thai and Japanese. To focus on the person is essential. Because everyone is the backlash that will drive the organization to the success. Beyond group needs person who can work as a team, willing to help others, love to develop yourself, challenging and want to succeed with the company.