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As HR, go on the counter-offensive against the unknown.
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Tackling Recession & More
As HR, go on the counter-offensive against the unknown.

Date:02/21  Location:Online, via Zoom

Speaker:Ace Cheah, Royston Fong

How can HR break the vicious cycle to achieve stability in a turbulent future for your organization?


Between 2020 – 2022, there have been many unexpected unknowns that have greatly affected the business world, events like COVID-19, the Great Resignation, and the soaring inflation rates because of the war in Ukraine and uncertain financial markets. These events have caught many HRs professionals off guard and forced a scramble-and-react mentality. Constantly seeming underprepared and unable to fight back.


The coming crisis – as the government declared a possible impending recession and news of job cuts all over the private sector. Employees lose confidence in their organisation’s ability to provide them stability, resulting in talent leaving to perceived greener pastures. How can we stop the mental countdown to keep your talent pool intact and re-invigorate our employees?


In this webinar you will learn:

  • What issues are HR likely to face in the upcoming recession
  • How can you as HR handle the issues
  • How having handled such issues, you as HR can strengthen your company for future crises


Who should attend:

  • HR Managers who are looking for new ways to tackle/ set measures against uncertainties before they arise
  • HR Executives who would like to learn about how to improve their company


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Audience: HR Managers and Executives working in any company in Singapore

Time: 21st February 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Speakers: Ace Cheah, Royston Fong (beyond global Pte Ltd Consultants)

Event Fee: Free of Charge

Location: Online, via Zoom


Things to note: Please register one person at a time.


Speaker Details

Ace Cheah

beyond global Pte Ltd,
Senior HR Consultant


Ace graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelors in Business Administration, with a specialization of human capital management and marketing. He also picked up the Japanese language in 2013 (JLPT N3, Further Advanced Class at Ikoma Language School) and attended summer school at Waseda University.
At beyond global, Ace supports Japanese companies in Singapore through HR system redesign and implementation, employee surveys and interviews. He also supports communication with local employees through employee briefing sessions and trainings. Using that same driving force, he aims to improve employee relationships and employee working conditions in companies. He believes that happy employees equate to better work performance overall.



Royston Fong

beyond global Pte Ltd,
HR Consultant


Royston graduated from the University of New South Wales. His experience is in assisting organizations with the adoption of new systems. Helping teams on both country and regional levels to deploy and communicate the importance of adopting of the new system.
At beyond global, Royston partners with clients in facilitating their developmental journey, mindset change, and employee interviews. Working to equip clients with evaluation, goal setting, and leadership techniques with the goal of raising employee commitment to the organization by providing them a psychologically safe culture where constructive feedback is welcomed.